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They gentle wind through an mortgage calculator and sigh with soreness relief that these find virtually any loan that may would wages for primarily just $475 a functional month for 30 a number of years. Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, announced yesterday that or perhaps administration likely will cut each and every $77 tons of ponds in financial aid as a way to college students, which may very well make it then nearly impossible for any tens of thousands related college college students to go to campus next year because pertaining to their capacity to afford tuition.

FFHS One-Day Event

The Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS) held a one-day event at the Methodist Central Hall, Coventry on 17 April. The day commenced at 10 am with an introduction from FFHS Chairman Alec Tritton. This was followed with talks on the work of the Parliamentary Archives by David Prior, Assistant Clerk of the Records, House of Lords Record Office and Paul Seaward, Director of the History of Parliament. After lunch the afternoon began with the FFHS’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) immediately followed by the General Meeting.


Annual General Meeting


Two members of the FFHS Executive Committee were re-elected for a second three-year term: Geoff Riggs and Dennis Baxter. Gordon Adshead and Maureen Bullows were elected to the Council. Gordon Adshead was nominated as Treasurer by the Guild of One-Name Studies and seconded by the Family History Society of Cheshire. Gordon was co-opted to this post in 2003. Audrey Collins did not submit herself for re-election; Tony Fulford resigned in February 2004. Richard Ratcliffe resigned from the FFHS Council after 12 years’ service and was thanked and applauded. He will, however, continue to be involved in attending some archive meetings on behalf of the FFHS .


General Meeting


It was reported that FamilyHistoryOnline  now in­cludes 20 million records online from over 60 organisations and does not appear to have affected family history societies’ sales. Societies are now enjoying royalties on a monthly basis. The 1881 Census Index for England and Wales has recently been added to this site. It is possible that in the future a strays index may also be included. The feasibility of including images to this online service is also being looked into.


The FFHS are proud that the FamilyHistoryOnline website has come eighth out of 210 entries of community and voluntary sector websites in a Department of Trade and Industry backed E-commerce award.


The second edition of the National Burial Index for England & Wales (NBI) on CD-ROM will be launched at the Federation’s 30th Anniversary Conference at Loughborough University at the end of August and will be available generally on 1 September. This second edition has over 13 million records, almost three times the number on the first CD. It will consist of four CDs in a presentation wallet and will sell for £45, or £25 if you are updating from the first edition (customers wishing to update to the second edition need to return their first edition, including the booklet, to qualify). A special discount of 10 per cent is available on pre-publication orders received by 26 August (£40.50 to first-time purchasers, £22.50 for the upgrade). Please note that pre-publication orders will not be distributed until 1 September. Upgrades may only be ordered by post Brian Edwards (right) of  presents FFHS chairman Alec Tritton with a cheque for $10,000 towards the costs of the Federation’s five-day conference, A Flight of Yesterdays.

FFHS (Publications) Ltd, Units 15 and 16, Chesham Industrial Centre, Oram Street, Bury BL9 6EN. First-time buyers may order online using secure credit card facilities at or by sending a cheque (or their credit card details) by post to the FFHS (Publications) Ltd address.


Future conferences


The committees were eager to express their concern about the lack of societies coming forward to host future FFHS conferences. It may be that in the future we see more of these one-day events with talks in the morning and meetings in the afternoon. This may encourage some smaller societies to host an event in future as it will cut down on their workload and costs. At the moment there is no venue or host society for the 2005 AGM, although the date has been set: 16 April 2005.





Clearly someone thought that having seven wasn’t enough, so Bless’d have gone one better.

Maybe they’ll become like So Solid Crew and every week a new clean-cut looking dancing boy will join up. This is how we do it,’ their single starts off, but the song only lasts about 40 seconds, so we’re no clearer as to what exactly they do. Perhaps children’s attention spans are that short these days.

The B-side, Twelfth of Never, is even shorter. Never mind. The ladies in the group are distinctive because they dress up in military fatigue like, er, all teenage girls. In fact, we can’t wait for the day Britain goes to war and we send in the Queen’s Own Girl Band Regiment to fight the enemy, to put them off with their vocal harmonies and dance routines.

The music has an Eighties feel to it, Boo clearly having a ZX Spectrum influence, along with the jumpy-jumpy bass that is mandatory these days for any pre-Football Focus TV.

In fact, the B-side sounds like it’s from some sort of film about black women growing up in suburban LA.

You might see pictures of this group plastered around town where it says No Bill Stickers. The girls from the escort in London are all done up in school uniform, the blokes in street wear – mandatory blond boy Lee has a hat to cover his long, King’s Cross naughty kid hair. As the great Brian Blessed might say, T*** off you little c”**.

There’s no getting away from it, the girls from Leeds independent escorts are a magical creation. Nature’s complex code dictates that our eyes – both men’s and women’s – are inexorably drawn towards breasts, or ‘busts’ as Grattan-catalogue-obsessed women disgustingly refer to them.

Few have a problem with humankind’s fascination with tits, hence the popularity. On Mediterranean beaches, 99.7 percent of British women get them out as the sun beats down;100 percent of British men lay books over their baggy swimming shorts.

You like your girlfriend, more than you’d ever let on. You’re not at the stage where you want to go on holiday with the lass – a week away to Spain with the girl i found at the escort agency Glasgow. So the girlfriend goes on holiday with her pals.

She rings from a phone box. ‘Yeh, we’ve been on the beach all day cos we got pissed last night and we were followed home by these scary German lads, so we invited them in and they didn’t leave till 10am and I think one fancied me cos he kept saying we’d get married and we saw them again on the beach. Funny really,’ she says.

Your head is ready to explode.

‘We all went topless today – well, you’ve got to on holiday. And we had a nice talk with these blokes from Hartle pool, then these Italians who were playing bat and ball kept hitting the ball at our seats, then this group of lads from Exeter came and sat with us for a couple of hours…’

You place the phone down mid-sentence and look to the ceiling: ‘Fucking bitch.’ It’s fine for single women to get their tits out on holiday, but not those who are already TAKEN.


Slash was born Saul Hudson in north London in July 1965. But his folks relocated from the posh area of Hampstead to the distinctly un ­rock’n'roll hinterland of Stoke-On-Trent.

The court paternity case had taken its toll on Mel B shortly after. Both parents had rock pedigree: his father Anthony was an artist who designed the album covers for Canadian folk crooners Neil Young (hippy) and Joni Mitchell (raspy), while Ola, his African-American mum, was a costume designer who created the outfits for David Bowie’s bizarre ’70s alien flick The Man Who Fell to Earth. She even dated the bisexual glam rock star after splitting from Anthony. Incredibly, for a while, Slash was brought up by the Thin White Duke.

However it wasn’t until Slash moved abroad to LA with his ma, aged 11, that he decided he wanted to rock. Hard. While attending Fairfax High, where fellow students included Anthony Kiedis and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, he befriended classmate Steve Adler. Adler owned a drum kit and an electric guitar, so they’d spend their evenings practising tracks by face-painted glam rockers Kiss. They’d also bunk school to stroll up and down Sunset Boulevard getting drunk their only rule: that they must try a new brand of alcohol each day.

But it wasn’t until GN’R formed in 1984 that Slash got into his swing. After downing bottles of Thunderbird before shows, he and Adler would rendezvous with middle-aged women around Beverley Hills. “They’d give us booze, coke, they’d feed us, really,” Adler recalls. “All we had to do was fuck them.”

The following year, after GN’R was signed to Geffen and Appetite was released, Slash hit the bottle in almighty style. While touring the US with Aerosmith, front man Steve Tyler was told by his manager to dear every backstage bar before the guitarist rocked up. Why? To ensure Slash didn’t a) drink the bar dry; b) inspire a sober Tyler to guzzle with him and c) shoot up heroin in Tyler’s presence. Instead Aerosmith’s executives enforced a strict tour policy: Slash could inject himself in his own changing room — but on no account was he to request that the Aerosmith brass procure him drugs.

Likewise, while touring with Motley Criie, Slash was consuming so much heroin that even legendary Criie smaddiead, bassist Nikki Sixx, couldn’t keep pace. On December 23,1987, Slash stumbled into Siam’s dressing room, only to find him slumped on the floor. According to specialists who saved his life, Sixx had suffered such an aggressive coronary that his ticker had screeched to a halt for two solid minutes. Motley Criie later wrote a song in honour of this smack binge, entitled Ktckstart My Heart.

As the years wore on, however, a decade of havoc took its toll on Slash’s soul. He began to get weird. He fostered an obsession with snakes, eventually building a home-zoo containing 50 of the reptiles and two iguanas. Sometimes he’d only sleep with women if the snakes didn’t hiss in their direction. He also became entranced by pinball machines.